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Shared Ownership Eligibility Check

Are you eligible for a Shared Ownership home?

Eligibility will vary depending on which development you are looking at purchasing, the property size and whether there are any criteria imposed by the local authority. There are however, some general, over-arching criteria you will need to meet. You can use our tool below to see if you meet the over-arching criteria for Shared Ownership eligibility.

Priority for Shared Ownership

In some instances priority for Shared Ownership properties can be given to applicants:

  • That work for the Minsitry of Defence.
  • Who are council and housing association tenants.
  • Who live or work in the borough in which the property is located over those who currently live or work outside it.
  • On some developments, secondary priority is given to applicants who live or work in the neighbouring boroughs.
Shared Ownership eligibility

Shared Ownership eligibility

Use our tool to check your Shared Ownership eligibility

Where are you looking to buy a Shared Ownership property?