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Sustainability at Family Mosaic

With more than 25,000 homes and plans to build another 1,000 new homes every year, we acknowledge our responsibility to be environmentally responsible. We are committed to ensuring that the properties we own and operate are environmentally sustainable and that the homes of our residents are warm, well insulated and energy efficient. 

We want to build the best homes we can - homes that meet the needs of our residents, now and in the future. We do this by basing all our new developments on excellent design and specifying high standards.

Our new developments need to meet certain conditions to receive planning permission, such as the Mayor of London’s London Plan and the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes. These codes are designed to promote higher standards of sustainable design.

Sustainable design is important to us so we build our homes to a minimum standard of Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 (there are six levels overall).

Please find below a selection of developments with a keen focus on sustainability.


Murano is a development of one Shared Ownership, sixteen private sale and 5 social rent apartments nestled in the vibrant and diverse area of Bermondsey, a few streets back from London Bridge rail & underground station and Guy’s hospital.

Fitting neatly into its surroundings, the Murano Building combines the period brickwork features of former warehouses along the nearby river Thames, and the sleek glass of its modern companion – The Shard.

All of the apartments at the Murano Building have been designed with a high level of sustainability in mind, achieving Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. This means that the CO2 emissions from the apartments are at least 25% lower than the current building regulations.

This level of efficiency has been achieved through the use of a centralised air source heat pump providing heating and hot water to each apartment. In addition, high levels of insulation and air tightness throughout the development minimise heat loss. The apartments also feature energy efficient lighting and low energy ventilation systems.

Smart Meters in every apartment also display the amount of energy consumed, allowing residents to stay informed on their individual energy consumption. Water usage has been minimised through the use of new water efficient WCs and outlets, with the ecological rating of the building further maximised by the use of green roofs in key locations.

The site has a high access rating to public transport and therefore the sustainability aspects of the scheme are further enhanced by the inclusion of cycle stores and absence of car parking.

For more information and pictures of our Murano development, visit our News section.

Ivydale Road

Ivydale Road is a collection of 14 mixed tenure homes, comprising a range of 1-bed apartments and 3 and 4-bed houses. The new homes at Ivydale Road excel with spacious layouts and large gardens – a rarity in this highly sought-after area. With five homes available through private sale, two homes available through Shared Ownership and seven homes available through affordable rent, Ivydale Road proves a spacious alternative to traditional housing in the area: while designed to accommodate a range of occupiers, the development proved extremely well-suited for families.

Family Mosaic took significant sustainability and environmental considerations into the design and planning of Ivydale Road. The fourth bedroom is contained within the roofspace, enabling large family units to be provided in a way that does not require a wider building footprint, so the rhythm of the surrounding street is re-introduced in a consistent manner. Solar panels have extended the energy credentials of Ivydale Road, with the output directed solely to the individual units with any excess power directed back to the grid. The development is further enhanced by an innovative wildlife corridor – a strip of land running along the back of the terrace that has been left uncultivated to encourage wildlife and plants to flourish.

In terms of materiality, the design allowed an increased wall thickness to result in lower U Values and improved glazing standards. Significant carbon reduction has been achieved through building fabric enhancement: the units are fitted with photovoltaic (PV) technology to provide the renewable strategy for the development, thereby offering the most suitable solution to achieving Southwark’s target of 20% CO2 offset from renewables.

The subject site adjoins conservation area Nunhead Cemetery: a survey concluded that any tree growing from this area was protected. Ivydale Road was pulled back from the rear boundary to allow distance from the protected trees, thereby reducing the potential impact of the development. Additional trees were planted and include native species such as apple, pear, hawthorn and birch.

Consultations were held to inform the design of Ivydale Road, including an Extended Habitat Survey, Bat Survey, Tree Survey, and Daylight and Sunlight Analysis. The scheme complies with The Homes and Communities Agency’s Design and Quality Standards, Lifetimes Homes and Secure by Design Standards, Code for Sustainable Level 4, and Joseph Rowntree Lifetime Homes. Middlemarch Environmental Ltd carried out a survey to establish the current ecology and biodiversity and concluded that there were no species affected by the development within a 1km radius of the site.

For more information and pictures of our Ivydale Road development, visit our News section.