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Repairs and Alterations to Shared Ownership Homes

Who does repairs in my Shared Ownership home?

If you own a house, you will be responsible for all repairs and maintenance to the inside and outside of your home. If you own an apartment, you will be responsible for maintaining the inside. We will take care of the day to day repairs, maintenance and decoration of the outside of the apartments within the block and on the estate (all shared areas).

On some schemes, Family Mosaic don’t own the block and in these cases an External Managing Agent is likely to be responsible for repairs, maintenance and redecoration which will be paid for through the service charge you pay.

What about repairs just after I move in?

With all new homes there are bound to be teething problems. Most of these will be minor, like cracking as the property dries out, or “sticking” doors. The builder will normally inspect the property, usually just before 12 months from the day the property was built, and arrange to put right any major repairs, though they will not repair damage caused through day to day use. Any more urgent repairs (as a result of defective workmanship / materials) should be reported to our After care Team by calling 0300 123 3456 – this only applies to newly constructed homes where you are the first occupier. Our New Homes Team are also on site regularly to ensure any communal issues are resolved.

Our After care Team will arrange with the builders to put the problem right. How quickly they do this will depend on how urgent the repair is. In some circumstances, a contractor i.e. a plumber or joiner is needed who has to be booked in to do the work and sometimes parts / replacements may be required which have to be ordered and delivered before fitting. Not everything can be done immediately. You will be responsible for any accidental damage by claiming through your contents insurance.

Your home is also covered by the National House Building Council’s (NHBC) warranty or equivalent which covers your home for defects in the building workmanship for the first year after completion of the property and for structural problems for ten years (in some cases twelve years).

You will obtain a copy of the NHBC buildmark certificate, usually via your solicitor. The NHBC will have regularly inspected the property throughout the build and issue an NHBC certificate at completion of the property.

Alterations and improvements

You don’t need our permission for redecorating and simple repairs but you will do for anything more complicated. If in doubt contact our Customer Call Centre on 0300 123 3456.

In more modern properties communal heating systems may be in place, and therefore it is very important that we are consulted, especially if you are thinking of changing kitchens or bathrooms as there could be implications to the whole building. Our surveyors may need to visit your home to assess the planned work, which will incur a charge.

Make sure you keep all the benefit of any improvements that add value to your home by agreeing the work beforehand and saving receipts, plans and estimates so that the cost of the work can be taken into consideration if you decide to sell or buy more shares in your home. These documents can then be passed on to the valuer to establish how much value, if any, the improvements have added to your home. Not all improvements will increase the value of your home and there will be some depreciation as the years go by.

It is important to note when you sell your home that you will receive your share of the full market value which will take into consideration the home improvements. A buyer will only buy as seen and will not pay additional money on top of the current market value for work you may have done. So, if you own a 40% share you will receive 40% of the full market value at the time of the sale.

Your home is at risk if you fail to keep up payments on any mortgage, rent or other loan secured on it. Please make sure you can afford the repayments before you take out a mortgage.