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How to Sell Your Home Fast

At Family Mosaic we focus all our energy on getting as many interested buyers to view your property as possible. However, to get a sale on your property quickly there are a number of things to bear in mind in order to make viewings successful.

Greet them warmly

When showing people around your home be yourself, friendly and warm, to create a welcoming atmosphere. Before the viewing think about the best way to present your home, maybe practice on a friend how you would show a potential buyer round your home. Always greet your prospective buyer with a smile and invite them into your home. Calmly guide those viewing round your home, allowing the prospective buyer to enter the room first so they see the full size of the rooms and point out a few key points about your home that impressed you when you bought your home i.e. the bathroom was fully tiled, the property had Gas Central Heating. Always end the viewing with the most impressive room, normally the main reception room as this creates a lasting impression.

Inform & persuade

If you are carrying out your own viewings, nobody likes being sold to, so when discussing your home be informative about the positive aspects of the property, how you have improved the property, etc. but never oversell and never inform buyers of items which are incorrect as this may result in the sale falling through later. Remember on average 1 in 3 sales can fail to complete.

Make sure your home is clean and inviting

First impressions count with the majority of buying decisions made within the first 10 seconds of entering a property. Always make sure that the property is kept tidy and is well-cleaned. Store away any toys, magazines and personal possessions to create a more spacious environment. De-personalise your living space in order to allow your prospective buyers a chance to view the property in a less personal light. Carry out any repairs that you have been putting off and ensure that the house is spotless. Failure to address smaller items may lead your buyer to think that the property has been neglected and they may leave uninterested.

Smarten it up

A new lick of paint, re-grouting tiles, new carpet, vinyl flooring or tiling will help to smarten up your property. Finally, ensure your home has fresh flowers, and that there are no unpleasant or strong smells – if so, buy some air fresheners.


You've made a huge effort to make your house a home - to reflect your own personality as well as your family history. Now it's time to undo all that. Try to put yourself in the buyers' shoes. Would you really want to see your children's toys and their drawings on the fridge? The landscape painting made by your great-grandfather may mean a lot to you but does it really add to the overall decor of your home? Some reports suggest that removing personal items from your home before a viewing actually increases the chances of potential buyers picturing themselves in your property. 


Consider removing bulky furniture to make the rooms seem bigger and less crowded. If you one for collecting nick-knacks and trinkets, put them away to give the buyers room to mentally stamp their own personality onto the room. 

Stay safe

We all think of our home as a safe place and it usually is, however when selling your home you are inviting strangers into your home. You personally don’t know who is coming through your door so always try to have someone with you when arranging viewings. If it isn’t possible to have someone with you try and ensure people know when you have a viewing, always carry your mobile phone with you and only arrange viewings in daylight. When showing a potential buyer round your home, never go into a room first, always allow the potential buyers to enter the rooms first and remain near the doorway. Never let people into your home without a prior appointment.

Keep pets away during viewings

Whilst pets are a loving member of your family, many buyers are put off by the unwanted attention of a pet. Wherever possible arrange for someone else to look after your pet when you have a viewing and ensure that your home is free of any pet smells.

Keep outside spaces neat and tidy

Gardens and balconies can be a real selling feature. Always ensure that your garden or balcony is kept neat, maintained and clear of debris. If you have plant pots, make sure they are filled with live plants, preferably in flower. Pick up any rubbish around your property and ensure the bin store and cycle store are tidy and the doors shut.

Try to have an open day for your property, booking all appointments on the same day, that way potential buyers see that the property has a lot of interest.

Be easily reachable to arrange further viewings

You must always be as helpful as possible to potential buyers, however many problems are experienced when telephone numbers are swapped. Some potential buyers may need a second viewing to decide.

We can help with selling a property

For more information on selling your resale property, we have created a comprehensive guide which can be downloaded as a pdf document. Why not have a read of our guide to selling your resale property .

Your home is at risk if you fail to keep up payments on any mortgage, rent or other loan secured on it. Please make sure you can afford the repayments before you take out a mortgage.