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Family Mosaic Wins ‘Best Digital Marketing’ Award
Awards & Nominations 25 Sep 2015

Family Mosaic Wins ‘Best Digital Marketing’ Award at the National Housing Awards 2015

Family Mosaic is delighted to announce that our marketing team has won the ‘Best Digital Marketing’ award at the National Housing Awards 2015! Shortlisted along with L&Q, this swiftly follows our recent award win for ‘Best In-house Marketing Team’ at the national Property Marketing Awards 2015.

What were the Judges looking for?

The judges for ‘Best Digital Marketing’ were looking for “a unique application across any one or more digital platforms that provide the customer with excellent information on their enquiry” and “user experience and ease of navigation”.

The judges commented, "This campaign was well presented and what they were trying to do was really clear. The judges commented that what they’ve produced is different and their use of colloquial language was very clever. It was a standout entry."

How Family Mosaic achieved the award for best Digital Marketing

Central to Family Mosaic’s digital re-fresh was the creation and launch of the new sales website This created a digital hub offering practical information for buyers at every stage of the sales process. It involved the creation of several new tools including an Interactive 10 Step Guide to Shared Ownership, ‘Sales Status Tool’ accessible via a unique buyer login and comprehensive downloadable guides.

Placing customer experience at its centre, Family Mosaic reviewed all delivery and communication systems to become more consistent, straightforward and immediate.

Family Mosaic also installed a new database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing the team to become more analytical and thus more tactical with their marketing and sales information. This ensures the customer only receives information relevant to them, based on the preferences they have selected during registration.

Family Mosaic Social Media Platforms

Family Mosaic also launched social media profiles across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Designed to be friendly but informed, Family Mosaic used these to build its audience by interacting directly with buyers and property influencers and promoting individual developments.

Family Mosaic’s new digital presence has been hugely successful, supporting more customers through the Shared Ownership process. Providing added value to the organisation, in the 2014/15 financial year the marketing team achieved a positive capital income, the surplus of which will be re-invested into developing more homes and into the association’s social programme.

The award was announced at a ceremony held at the Lancaster London Hotel on Thursday 10 September 2015.