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Posted: 09 April 2015

Independent living for disabled homebuyers

Dzifa - Shared Ownership Case Study

Shared Ownership disabled units

Access to a quality home adapted to suit those with disabilities is often hard to find in London, especially one that is affordable.

That's why Dzifa Ahadzie was so pleased to purchase her apartment through Shared Ownership with Family Mosaic and obtain a home that was easily adapted to meet her specific requirements.

The 29 year old health worker, who uses a wheelchair due to a chronic health condition, purchased her Shared Ownership apartment with Family Mosaic, happy in the knowledge that her independence would flourish at this specially adapted two bedroom ground floor property.

LiftDzifa explains: "I was previously living in Merton in a social housing property that didn't suit my needs. I felt isolated, as I relied on someone to help me travel from the first floor to the ground floor. It was also quite a distance from my friends and family. I was so relieved to discover I could get on the property ladder, and be in a home that enabled me to be more independent."

"An occupational therapist and a member of the Family Mosaic team assessed my new home to ensure it would meet my needs. Although the property had large doorways for easy access, I was surprised to learn they were going to create mod cons just for me! I now have a remotely controlled hob which lowers to allow me to cook, and with a touch of a button I can open my windows and doors! My close friend and carer lives in the next bedroom, which eases any worries I may have, and If I'm having a bad day, I know she is there to help."

Lauren Nicholson of Family Mosaic says: "Family Mosaic prides itself on giving people a helping hand onto the property ladder and providing new, affordable properties that can be adapted to suit the buyer's requirements is essential to ensure that we really are offering something for everyone and that no one is excluded from home-ownership."

Wheelchair adapted units through Shared Ownership

At Family Mosaic, we often have a selection of wheelchair adaptable units become available at several of our schemes across London and Essex. You can use our property search facility to find out which developments we have wheelchair adapatable units at.

You can also find more information about Home Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities here.