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If you've seen a property you like the look of and want to receive future notifications, you can register your interest on a property listing page. Search our latest available properties here.
Once registered you'll have a members area created for you where you can save your property searches and keep a check on your progress with the 'sales status' tool.
In your members area you'll also be able to complete our full application form where we collect all the information we need to ensure you and anyone you are buying a property with qualify for Shared Ownership.

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EligibilityHave an assessment with a Mortgage Advisor

Get a credit check and some mortgage advice


Are you Eligible?

Eligibility will vary depending on which development you are looking to buy at, the property size and whether there are any criteria imposed by the local authority. But there are some general, over-arching criteria that you must meet for every scheme which you can read more about here: Shared Ownership Eligibility.

Everyone who applies for a Shared Ownership property must go through a financial assessment with one of our Mortgage Advisors. We do this to ensure that you can afford a Shared Ownership property, you're not over stretching yourself financially and that you are able to qualify for a mortgage.

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ViewingSee what's available



Once the eligibility process is underway, you can start finding the right home for you. Through the property search you can see all of the Shared Ownership properties we have available under three categories: those that are coming soon, new build schemes and resale properties.

When you see a property you like, you can register your interest to receive updates and viewing invites (if you are eligible), as well as having access to your own login area to begin completing your application form.

Property search

Select aSolicitor

It is a good idea to select one with Shared Ownership knowledge


Select a solicitor

Everyone who buys a home needs a solicitor to do the necessary legal work. You should make sure you get a quotation of the likely costs before you appoint a solicitor, and we recommend doing this early on in the process.

We have a panel of solicitors who are experienced in Shared Ownership purchases, offer fixed fees which will help you to budget and come recommended by past Family Mosaic buyers. The panel of solicitors are not compulsory.

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ReservePay a £500 reservation fee


Reservation Fee

You've viewed your dream home and now you want to express your interest. Complete an expression of interest form and we will assess your application and all other interested buyers in line with the Family Mosaic selection and allocation policy.

For schemes in some locations demand is very high, in which case a selection process may need to take place. We will contact you to make an offer of a home, where we will ask you to pay a £500 reservation fee, or let you know if we are unable to do so.

If you haven't alreadyMake sure you see a Mortgage Adviser

In most circumstances you would have already met with a Mortgage Advisor at this stage of the process and completed a financial assessment. But if not – now is the time to do so!

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Confirmationof offer

Confirm your acceptance of the offer
within 7 days


Confirmation of Offer

If we do make you an offer, we will send out an offer letter confirming the details of the property and an 'Acceptance of offer' form. We ask you to complete this and return it to us within seven days to confirm that you wish to proceed.

The reservation fee you paid will be deducted from the share of the property you buy at completion.

Applyfor a mortgage


Instructa Solicitor


Within 28 days


Exchange contracts

Once you have paid your deposit and signed your contract, then 'exchange of contracts' can take place.

Exchange of contracts means that your Solicitor and our Solicitor actually swap the signed contracts. You are then legally bound to buy your home and we are legally bound to sell it – so neither of us can change our minds!

We'll give you a date on which you can move into your home as soon as it is ready. This date is called the 'completion date'.


The money to buy your home is transferred from your solicitors to ours


Finally, the completion date arrives...

On the completion date, your mortgage lender will give your Solicitor the money to buy your home who will then pass that money, along with any savings you are providing, on to our solicitors.

Once the money is received in our Solicitor's account your purchase has completed and you are now the leaseholder of your home!

Move inWe'll meet you at your new home
to hand over the keys